Cut the Noise: Monitoring Twitter with HubSpot

Posted by Alexa Oliver

Mar 31, 2015 7:54:30 AM

Twitter is a wildly popular and useful tool for monitoring conversations about your brand. People are always talking on Twitter, and at least some of it relates to your brand or products. You want to be part of these conversations. But how?


You could monitor Twitter directly and try to take in all the information. But with 500 million tweets sent per day, you’ll be flooded. Most of Twitter isn’t talking about you or your products. You just don’t have time to find potential prospects by yourself.


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Facebook Is Getting Older and so Is Your Audience!

Posted by Sandy Benoit

Feb 13, 2015 10:16:00 AM

What do you think about when I say social media?

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Should your Social Marketing get into the Holiday Cheer?

Posted by Sandy Benoit

Dec 5, 2014 10:37:11 AM

It's that time of year again!


Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas! But I love Christmas on December 25th, not right after Halloween! Let's not forget those Christmas songs that will be filling our eardrums for the next few weeks...


The decorations are up and the ''Before Christmas'' sales have begun. What about your business? Are you thinking of doing something special for the holidays? Are you wondering if you should? And if it is worth it?


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Social Media in 2014: Interesting Numbers and Stats!

Posted by Sandy Benoit

Oct 6, 2014 9:26:00 AM

So, the days are getting shorter, summer is coming to an end and leaves are changing colours. It can only mean one thing: fall has begun. Of course, with the year coming to an end, we will also start seeing year-end statistics and yearly reviews appearing on our social media streams.

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What Will Twitter’s E-Commerce Tool Mean for Your Business?

Posted by Jenn Jefferys

Sep 19, 2014 1:00:00 PM


Multiplying a product's purpose from one to many has come to be expected today.

To that end, we’ve come to expect Facebook and other social platforms to be in a constant state of evolution, as they perpetually bring on new features; from chat, to games, to videos, to e-commerce.

Twitter Inc. has been fortunate enough to take on a valuable new team member (previously employed at Ticketmaster) whose latest project (similar to Facebook’s this past summer) will soon mean adding e-commerce to the Twitter portfolio.

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Top 3 Considerations When Choosing a Cover Image

Posted by Sandy Benoit

Apr 22, 2014 8:31:00 AM

You only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression! Although this leadership concept applies mostly to applicants for a first interview or managers when networking, the rule can apply to social media as well. Indeed, it speaks to the speed of our daily communications and building an online reputation. With most social media now offering significant space for your custom images, it has become very important real-estate.

When looking up a company on Facebook or Twitter, one of the first elements that will speak to you is their overall look. This look is mainly composed of a cover image, a profile banner and/or a background image. 

On the one hand, most specialists will advise you to keep the same profile picture across all channels to create a brand and be more easily recognized. On the other hand, the cover image can be ever changing to set a mood, promote your company and show your personality. 

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Cheat Sheet: Image Sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, & LinkedIn

Posted by Dave Auten

Apr 21, 2014 2:53:00 PM


This blog post incorporates some major changes as of April 2014.

Chances are, your business is on at least one social media network. These networks are extensions of your business and should be branded just like you would your own company website. Thankfully, these networks provide more space than ever for for your own company brand. Each network is uniquely different, so naturally are the image specifications. No worries!

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A Blog for Social Media Skeptics

Posted by Jenn Jefferys

Apr 9, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are begging you to like or follow them right now – aggressively.

Some of these businesses convey great virtual voices, while too many others market on rhetoric, hyperbole and with a whole lot of smoke and mirrors. Thus, it is understandable that when it comes to social media as a marketing platform, skepticism is rampant.

Currently I manage an assortment of Twitter accounts: for myself, PROSAR, a non-profit, a local band, and for multiple small businesses. It’s frustrating sometimes to be forced to navigate through loads of BS when searching for re-tweetable content, or solid new contacts with which to network. I suppose it’s too easy to pretend to be something you’re not when talking to a screen, rather than an actual physical person across from you in a coffee shop. That said, when it comes to your virtual presence, not unlike your personal and business relationship, being disingenuous will do you no favours.

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Topics: twitter, social media, marketing, charlie angus, inbound marketing methodology, social media skepticism, smoke and mirrors

What Do #Selfies Mean for Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Jenn Jefferys

Mar 12, 2014 5:00:00 PM


Suffice to say, that “selfies” have become more than just a trend, they may just be a cultural phenomenon.

The whole world seems to be hopping on the bandwagon. Quite frankly, it’s hard not to. Virtually everyone has a smart phone in their pocket or at their desk, and that illusive 13mp camera – well, it’s practically calling your name right now.

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6 Best Practices for Expert Live Tweeting

Posted by Jenn Jefferys

Feb 28, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Whether it's a live music event, the #Sochi2014 Olympics, or a local craft beer festival (like we attended last weekend), live tweeting is a great tactical skill for you to keep in your marketing back pocket.

One of the first reported examples of live tweeting took place back in 2009 when CNN and Facebook teamed up during Obama's inauguration. Confused about what live tweeting is, exactly? Have a look at this straight-forward definition from

I'm extremely social by nature, addicted to Twitter, and love sharing my experiences among my virtual networks in practically every arena. Not all of us are inherently like this, and not all of us need to be like this. Moreover, if you're out at a social function surrounded by prospective clients you'd like to be networking with, and your face is glaring down at a screen the entire time, there's the risk of closing yourself off from real-live contacts. You need to find your own balance that works best for you.

Whether you're a seasoned Twitter fanatic or merely a dabbler, there are methods to get the most out live tweeting no matter what your personal style. As someone who has live tweeted at dozens of events for a wide assortment of folks (non-profits, political parties and local bands, for instance), here are my favourite tricks of the trade:

1. Invest in the right tools for the job
Even if you're tight for cash, it is critical to invest in a mobile device that allows you to document quickly and efficiently. Yes, that means a camera with an adequate percentage of megapixels. This doesn't necessarily mean blowing all your money on whatever might be the latest and greatest, it just means investing in something you can depend on, so that when the opportunity to live tweet presents itself, you can stay on top of your game and look professional doing it. Because, honestly, blurry photos and slow operating systems suck!

2. Survey the space you're working with
Relax, collect yourself and take a few minutes to establish the space you're going to be tweeting from. I've always found it helpful to get a good feel for my surroundings before I dive into something. Whether it's public speaking or live tweeting, feeling comfortable with your surroundings and confident in the space you're working from helps produce great results.

3. Have a realistic goal
This is important when it comes to everything digital. It's critical to know exactly why you're engaging your virtual following for this event. Some questions to ask yourself might include: (A) Do you have any pre-determined hashtags that are going to peak interest? (B) How many times are you planning on tweeting throughout this event? (C) Who are the right people to re-tweet? (D) Are you prepared for high engagement, and ready to generate interest if your engagement level is lagging? Take the time to sit down with your client or colleagues and establish the promotional and branding reasoning behind the live tweeting. A great example of a well-executed live tweet session (with clearly defined goals behind it) was Ask Obama: a Twitter "Town Hall," executed by The White House. According to their site, "tens of thousands of questions were tweeted to #AskObama on Twitter about the economy, health care and other important issues."

4. Be salient and relevant, not boring or typical
Who are you representing, and what voice are you expected to embody exactly? Are you tweeting from your personal account, or from a client's? How professional should your voice be? There are a number of questions you may need to ask yourself (or your clients and colleagues) before you take on this important role. You are essentially the virtual face of who you are tweeting for. Try to keep that in mind. Just one tweet could have the capacity to make or break your following. Alternatively, like in the case of popular television show, Portlandia (whose fictional feminist bookstore live tweeted throughout the Superbowl) you could potentially grow your following by 25%.

5. Check yourself before you wreck yourself
I get it, I'm a keener too. It's so much fun to see yourself get re-tweeted, favourited, or to be a leading voice in a virtual conversation. But try to keep in mind: chronically tweeting just for the sake of chronically tweeting is annoying, disruptive and runs the risk of making you look like a total idiot in public. Frankly, do you really want to sound like a blabbermouth when the entire world can see what you're saying? Tweeting just for the sake of tweeting accomplishes essentially nothing in the grand scheme of things. A firm place to start, is by employing the right hashtags for the job. Our blog on the subject has a medley of tips which you can access here. For more general info on staying on target, I found these do's & don'ts from Glitz & Grammar helpful when it comes to staying on the right track.

While live tweeting is actual work and needs to be taken seriously as such, it can be super fun as well. Approach the task with a positive attitude and love what you're doing. Social media (or the Twittersphere especially) can operate as an amazing way to engage, share, build and nurture relationships. Embrace it, you're on the front lines!

Create the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page

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