BEWARE: Your Blog Posts are Boring!

Posted by Natalie Saumure

Aug 8, 2012 11:32:00 AM

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Nobody tries to write boring content except for maybe lawyers (actually, we like lawyers) – however, we are all guilty of doing it! So, how do we avoid making our readers' eyes glaze over? Let's learn how to write fun, engaging content by highlighting what not to do. 

Business jibber-jabber gibberish!

You should write your posts using technical language, jargon, and lots and lots of industry acronyms! Don't worry, everyone will understand and think you are very smart.

They might think you're intelligent, but they won't know what you're talking about!! The more you worry about how professional you sound – the more people you will scare away. Start saying/writing what you mean!  

  • Not only is it condescending (look how much smarter I am than you!), but it also actually makes you a less effective marketer, because readers aren't learning as much as they could from your content.
  • Your authority doesn't come from sounding like a legal brief threw up on you; it comes from giving sound advice. And when your content reads like a conversation you'd have with someone face-to-face, you're far more likely to retain readers through to the end -- where they can do great stuff like click on your CTA, and share your blog post on their social media accounts!

Make your content a bottomless pit of information

Write your blog post as if you are writing a book. One of the best strategies is to use long, verbose sentences that keep going and going; two to three lines per sentence is highly recommended. As well, chunk your points together in big paragraphs.

Um... no!

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  • blogging contentPoints!
  • When someone gets to your content and they see hundreds of lines of dense copy, it kind of feels like someone threw an encyclopedia at your face! Ouch, right?
  • Break up long paragraphs, use headers to separate content into different sections, and use various formatting techniques to give your readers' eyes and brains a bit of a break!

Pretty Pictures? Pfft…who needs those?!

Whoever said a picture is worth 1000 words didn't know what they are talking about. A thousand words is MUCH better than an image (see point 2).

Who are we kidding – of course everyone loves pictures…so take advantage and use them to help tell your story!

  • Content is important, but break it up! You want your post to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Don't choose boring, standard stock photography. Use images that are entertaining – even funny (depending on your content)
  • effective blog postsIf you can tell a story visually, do it. Make people happy and engaged when they read your content!
  • Make your post memorable - How many times has it happened to you that you can remember the logo of a particular company but cannot remember its name? The human mind tends to remember and recognize images more easily than text.

What do you think makes for extremely boring content? Share below so we can all avoid it! 


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