4 Ways to WOW Your Audience with Your Marketing

Posted by Lydia Di Francesco

Jun 1, 2012 3:33:00 PM


Consumers are hit with thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis. As a business you want to make sure that your message stands out among the rest. Creating a WOW moment for your audience is a sure way for your marketing to ‘stick’ and be memorable for the viewer.

cingular ad

Here are 4 ways to really WOW your audience:

1. Be Unique

Being the same as the next shop down the block won’t necessarily do you any harm, but it won’t get you ahead either.

Do something unique with your marketing and you may even stop traffic (literally!).

This ad for Nationwide Insurance got some heads turning!

Nationwide Insurance ad

Nationwide went beyond "traditional" means of posting an ad on a building by extending the ad into the parking lot. They even placed cars (props) to enhance the effect!

2.  Do Something Unexpected

Who would have thought it was possible to have a pleasant experience in a porta-potty? Ikea did! At the Milan Furniture Fair, Ikea tricked attendees by creating a 215-square-foot Ikea bathroom behind the doors of a porta-potty. Visitors expecting the typical stench of these public washrooms were extremely surprised to find a beautiful and nice-smelling space.

Watch the video below for some of the reactions. 

3. Create Whimsy 

When Bravia launched its new LCD tvs, they dropped a quarter of a million colourful bouncy balls on San Francisco.

bravia commercial

What do bouncy balls have to do with a tv? Nothing. But, a camera crew caught the action on film and they created a beautiful and whimsical ad as a result. The ad taps into emotions of fun and freedom while also evoking a reminiscence of childhood days. The copy at the end - "Colour like no other" - ties in the colour of the bouncy balls to the tv.

4. Make it a Big Event

To promote their new slogan, "Size does matter", Levi's brand jeans recruited 75 single men and women for a publicity stunt in Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

publicity stunt

Each woman had 5:01 minutes grab a pair of men's jeans from a pile and search among the 75 shirtless men to find the perfect match. Creating a big event, using a large group of people, in a public place was extremely successful - Levi's reached over 20 million consumers through unpaid media coverage.

What can you do to WOW your audience? What other examples of "wow" have you seen? Share in the comments section below.



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