3 Surprising Things Working Out Can Teach Us About Inbound Marketing

Posted by Lydia Di Francesco

May 11, 2012 2:01:00 PM


working out and inbound marketingNational Capital Fit Day is June 16 this year and I’ll be participating in the figure competition. I’ve been training for this the past few months and as I’ve been working hard in the gym, I’ve noticed some parallels between working out and inbound marketing.

You have to input to get any output

You can't go to the gym once a week and expect great results. At best, you might notice minimal changes to your body.

Likewise, you can't put in a limited effort with your inbound marketing and expect traffic and leads to come flying in.

If you've started a blog, have you been consistently posting at least once a week? If you've been able to maintain a regular schedule why not try adding another day? Remember, the more often you post, the more original content is on your website, helping with search results and traffic. (If you're unsure about what to write, we've got a free eBook with 42 blog post ideas)

What about your social media? Did you create accounts and set out with guns ablazing only to see your effort fizzle out? Put processes in place that will ensure you're keeping the fire going. Consider hiring outside help if you don't have the internal resources.

Use a variety of methods to get maximum results

When you are working out and lifting weights, proper nutrition is extremely important. You need to fuel your body properly to sustain the hard work you are doing. In fact, not eating enough or the right type of food can be detrimental and you won't end up with the results you want.

Similarly, you should think about activities that complement your inbound marketing so that you can maximize your results. For instance, maybe this means pairing your inbound efforts with a postcard campaign. Use the traditional mailout as a way to drive people to a specific landing page.

As well, you want your sales team to work in sync with your marketing team. Your sales staff should know when leads come in and be ready with the tools to nurture those leads and bring them through the sales funnel.

A good practice is to have your sales and marketing team meet on a regular basis. This dialogue not only ensures each side knows what the other is doing, but also gives the opportunity to discuss what's working or what's not so you can improve your internal operations.

Analyze and refine

After a few weeks of doing the same exercises, you want to take a long look at the progress you’ve made and analyze what’s working and what’s not. You may need to tweak the type of exercise you’re doing to target a muscle group in a different way. Going over your workouts and refining them is what helps to make one athlete superior over another. As well, looking at your nutrition and making adjustments will assist in seeing amazing results.

In the same way, you should be continuously reviewing, analyzing, and refining your inbound marketing efforts.

Track the success of your blog – Where is most of your traffic coming from? What articles are the most popular?

Look at organic traffic – What keywords are bringing people to your site?

Monitor your landing pages – What’s your conversion rate? What CTAs get the most clicks, and on what pages?

Check your leads – What is the main source of your leads (ie. organic, social media, referral?

Once you have taken a look at your key metrics, use the information to improve what you’re doing. Continue with what’s working, but don’t be afraid to try some new tactics as well - It may work better!

What other parallels about inbound marketing can we get from working out? Share in the comments section.



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