3 Rules to Avoid Any “Con” in Your Content

Posted by Scott Vetter

Mar 12, 2012 5:37:00 PM


Content is kingthe proof is in the puddingcontent rulessubstance is keyfocus on the steak not the sizzle… all of these expressions were taken from recent emails and ads promoting the importance of content. This focus on generating interesting and current content on your website makes sense, it is a critical piece of a successful online strategy.

 content creation

Good and ongoing content on your website has many advantages:

  • SEO: improving search engine optimization and search results, encouraging inbound links
  • Leads: generating leads online, qualifying and nurturing leads
  • User Experience: reader engagement, encouraging feedback
  • Brand Development: position your company as an authority, build an online resource

So if content is all good, where’s the “con”?

The problem is that much of the supposedly “good content” being posted online does not really qualify. Here are a few rules that I feel should be applied when producing truly good content.

The Rules

1) DO YOUR RESEARCH (TWICE): Don’t send out incorrect or incomplete information. Double check that your research and information are both thorough.

2) BE GENUINE: Don’t bend the truth or over-state something to prove your point. Obviously you want to look good to potential clients, but people can typically see through hyperbole so tell it like it is and be sincere in your opinions.

3) BE INFORMATIVE: Don’t simply try to sell. Yes, good content can lead to a sale, but only if you’re proving yourself as a knowledgeable provider with an expertise. It is an opportunity to nurture a relationship, not a short-cut to a fast sale.

Question: Do you have any examples of really good, or really bad content? Share them with us.


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